23 April 2011


Sorry for the late report, but internet is still not for free and not so easy to find at the Bassano competition.
The first day, we had a task around 4 turnpoints with 138 km, but only about 20 of 110 pilots made goal, as the flatlands didnt work well on Thursday, and the whole day was not as fast as expected, with blue conditions and not the highest base.
Elio Cataldi won the day ahead of Friesi and Primoz. Tim was 2nd in rigid class, Walter Geppert from Austria won the rigid class.
I landed 15 km short but was still the best woman. Linda (US) is competing here for the first time, and Virpi, Monique and Natalia are in the comp as well. Zhenya does not compete as she destroyed her leading edge before the comp started and could not find a spare. Unfortunately, Natalia broke her arm on the first day.
Luc Armant won the paragliding task, best woman was Petra Slivova, and German Yvonne Dathe was second best woman. Elisa Houdry is here, but she is ill and took a break after the first day.
Top German paraglider pilot in the first task on 10th was Thomas Ide.
Yesterday we flew to Belluno and then over to Terme Levico, a very scenic task, we had clouds and strong thermals, 5m/s up was the average ;) the task was about 130 km, and I think they wanted to keep us out of the landing area. With the big tent of the exhibition, it gets a little crowded when 200 paragliders and 110 hang gliders come in for landing...
Manfred won the second task, a few seconds ahead of Christian Ciech. Many people made goal yesterday, then it was an hour to drive back to Bassano.
Today the sky is overcast, but as long as there is no rain, I think we will fly and try anyway!

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