24 April 2011

Bassano Day 3

Even though the sky was overcast, we started into a very late, short 63 km task yesterday. Lift was light, but it was there, so we went to Marostica castle, Asolo, Marostica, and back to the Trofeo goal in Semonzo. Barely 10 pilots made goal, Christian Ciech was followed by Primoz and Elio. I got furthest in women's score, about 18 km short of goal, but it still took two hours.
The only German pilot in goal was Stefan Boller, he is doing really well in this area.
The guy who tumbled two days ago is an Italian local pilot, flying a T2. He had to release the reserve and did not get hurt, even though he touched down high in the rocks.
Sunny again today, but rain is predicted for this afternoon. We will see if a short task is possible.

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