01 Februar 2011

Where´s the weather?

The Brazilians had some tough weather at their first comp of their nationals in Sapiranga, with Andre Wolf doing really well - good training for the worlds, the Brazilian team will be hot as they won the worlds at Cucco a decade ago.
Also the about 20 Norwegian guys in Lanzarote have been hit by some really strong wind and for that reagion cold weather. Well Im sure they are sweating, as it is much colder at their home. Would have been interesting to see the check-in guys faces at Oslo airport when they rocked up with 20 glider boxes ;)
At some stage, the weather must swing around and be really good for a comp, and I keep my fingers crossed for Matjaz and his Winter Race in Slovenia in a couple of weeks, even if I can´t come to compete. He just released a great little hang gliding film and linked it on his blog - also Regina is in the video that they shot just a few weeks ago.

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