11 Februar 2011

Free Egypt!

This evening, Hosni Mubarak stepped back as Egypt´s president after the brave people in Egypt had been protesting against the regime for nearly a month. My last flight had been to Cairo in January, just 3 days before the protests started and the country closed down. Now everybody hopes for a more democratic and just government, but it will take a long time and big efforts to create more constructive jobs. Many Egyptians in Germany are partying now as well.
Tourism has been the main income of the country, and after it stopped for the last weeks, I hope it will pick up again soon. To me, Egypt is very close to Europe, even though it is part of Africa. I often flew to Cairo and always visited the pyramids - riding on camels was just as much a highlight as learning about and touching those huge buildings of the past, the incredible National Museum, had a look at the back streets of the big bazaar, trying to lure out the secret recipe for the best falafels...
Also, many Germans love to fly to the diving places of Hurgada and Sharm el Sheik for a relaxed holiday - our team doctor Ecki got stuck there with his family during the ash cloud last year!
I really hope many people decide for a holiday in Egypt now to support the great people who stood up for their rights and beliefs!
All the best to everybody in Egypt - I admire everybody who fights for freedom and justice!

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