02 Februar 2011

Timezone at Flugschule Hochries!

Now you can buy the great Timezone gear online in the shop of Flugschule Hochries or when you walk into their shop at the base of Hochriesbahn. I was happy to see the nice photo of Regina, Alex and me on their page today.
Helene´s and Robert´s team of teachers and tandem pilots from Flugschule Hochries have often helped me when I needed a reliable tandem pilot to take photographers or camera guys from TV crews into the air while I fly around them. Sometimes this has to happen with very short notice, plus we have to rely on their weather forecast for the shooting. I am really glad that I always had such a good support from Helene´s team and the DHV in this matter, which I think is important to show the media people that our sport is professional.

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