08 Februar 2011

Sueddeutsche Zeitung today

If you get a hold of Süddeutsche Zeitung today - Charly Forster, my favourite writer, published an article in today´s edition of one of Germany´s major newspapers, with great photos by Florian Wagner. Both are pilots too, that helps a lot ;)
Amongst other things, it is about the question of me doing well in what people usually regard as a men´s sport, and how the guys cope when I sometimes get ahead of them. Well in many ways the guys do better than me too - on this photo, you see the current World Champion Alex Ploner (our gliders look extremely similar from above, and we both were at the photo shoot in the dolomites). His aerobatics are beautiful, Alex is just as skilled a pilot as Guido, and Im happy that he sneaked into this article in a subtle way!

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