31 Januar 2011

Our Team Doc

Last week I visited our Team Doc, Dr. Eckhart Schröter, in his practice in Altötting. He is specialized in orthopedics and surgery, but whenever he travelled with us to World Championships, we realized that he is also specialized in the psychology of team dynamics, physiotherapy, retrieval - in short, a perfect and superreliable assistant for the team leader.
Ecki will come to this years world championship at Monte Cucco, and whoever is on the team, is really lucky. Thank you, Ecki, for all those years of professional help, assistance, fun, fast retrievals, for sevillana and salsa, and an even bigger thanks to your family for granting you and us the time and for understanding how important your role was and is in our team! I will do all I can to qualify for Monte Cucco.

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