12 Januar 2011

Tim in Africa

A group of pilots, amongst them Tim Grabowski and Toni Raumauf, is in Namibia at the moment for record attempts. It looks that "La niña" even changes conditions in Africa, not only Australia. While Davis Straub called the Forbes Flatlands this year the "Forbes Floodlands" (congrats to Jonny Durand for having won both competitions in a row! Forbes results here), Tim tells us that they experienced heavy rain in the Kalahari desert... you can read his news here: Tim in Africa He just flew over 200km yesterday, with a great, high cloudbase: dhv xc
Rain and floods everywhere, here in Germany it got quite bad over the past few days, but nothing compared to Queensland. People drowning in Toowoomba, I hope my Canungra/Brisbane friends all built their houses on top of a hill... The Durands´house is high up on Beechmont luckily, but I really hope the others don´t get troubled too much by the floods. Neil, Davo, Glen, Tim&Sue - are your feet still dry?

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