09 Januar 2011

Shanghai Surprise, Pudong, Timezone GMT + 8

This is the Chinese version of Red Bull - in a yellow can, and not quite the taste I am used to, as you see in my face ;) But I was curious when I saw "Red Bull" on the menu of the Park Hyatt, so I had to try...
The view from the 87th floor of the World Financial Center in Pudong on Shanghai is spectacular. In the background you see the Oriental Pearl tower, changing colours rapidly with the different sun angles. Full view on the "Bund" with it´s grand old buildings, and you really get a feeling how vast this city is and how fast it grows.
Yet no fireworks to be seen for New Year´s - too dangerous, forbidden by the government, and I could find no place to buy them... guess I have to wait and come back for Chinese new year!

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