15 Januar 2011

Falaffel instead of Aloo Ghobi: Cairo, GMT +2

Originally I should be in Bangalore, but our work schedules often change at the moment, so I got a tour to Cairo instead. And for the first time here ever, I saw rain! And rain means big puddles on the roads, or even flooding here and there. In Egypt! So instead of a tour to the pyramids or a treck with a camel, I stayed in the hotel. Must be a very rare wind direction too, as I never saw the planes from Cairo airport taking off and leaving directly above our hotel.
I was the only one counting tiles in the pool, as it kept raining every now and then, and the water temperature was warmer than the air temperature. I also realized that they have a good gym and a nice hot whirlpool in the fitness club area. But the falaffel can´t quite compare to the great paneer tikka masala and aloo ghobi I enjoyed last week in Chennai.
Looks like they might get some great flying weather next week for the Bogong Cup. Not too many pilots have entered, which is a good sign for great big flights ;) I hope I can come back to Oz for Canungra in autumn.

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