15 Oktober 2016

FlyRanch Buenos Aires, Timezone UTC -3

Very often people ask me what I do during the short stays of my work layovers, and if it is enough time to recover. On my flight to Buenos Aires I got lucky - it was the perfect spring time weather! Blossoms everywhere, light wind, and sunny. Lionel picked us up in the city and took us an hour south towards La Plata, to the FlyRanch.
On my arrival day, I was too tired to fly by myself, so I was happy that Lionel and David offered me tandem flights! What a perfect day, feeling the smooth, clean air above the Argentinian pampas on my skin, enjoying the best view one can have! It was almost a meditation, charging up my batteries.
Flavio was busy fixing, repairing, and helping with instruction and tandems. He must be proud of this fantastic flying paradise that he has been running for so many years now! It´s been great to meet old friends, make new friends, share the mate tea, and hang out in the evening.
The next day we went out again, and I could try out Damian´s harness and glider, a Sting, while David was buzzing around me in a Fun. The Sting was trimmed really fast, so it turned into an interesting tow - good work out for my arms ;)
In the evening, Reinaldo invited us over to his beautiful house next to the FlyRanch.
The next day only left time for a short healthy lunch and for shopping some mate tea before heading home. 13 to 14 hours of flight time and a bit more work time is quite a lot, but that flight always makes me happy cause I get to see my friends, and sometimes I can even fly, while there was already the first snow back home in the Bavarian alps!
Thanks so much for a wonderful time in Argentina, my friends! It was only two and a half days, but it filled my heart with memories worth a few weeks! I can´t wait to get back to fly with you guys :)

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