08 Oktober 2016

Buenos dias, Argentina!!!

The last weeks were full of flights, Bangalore - Tunis - Boston - Tampa, my Dad´s birthday, my mother´s birthday, Oktoberfest with my Kiwi friends - in short, not much time at all inbetween.
In the meantime, winter started in Germany. After a beautiful late summer September with some sweet flights at Rauschberg, finally it got cold and even snowed in the mountains. Time to go south, like all those geese I keep seeing every day, flying in formation.
Buenos Aires promises some sun tomorrow, and my friends from FlyRanch are already alert. I love the country, and it will be great to see some of the guys again who were in Brasilia.
Oh, and I arrive on a Sunday, so the market in San Telmo is on, with music and Tango in the streets and all. Great atmosphere!

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