27 Oktober 2016

Canungra Task 3 and 4

After a tough day on Wednesday with a really early landing, I tried not to show my disappointment to much and cheer up for the Red Faces night. With Nils Vesk, we have the most creative mind of the whole comp in our team, and he sure invented a cool story for the funny evening of the comp, involving our whole team. Specially Peter Burkitt and me had to be in a lot of scenes, and in the end we won the competition for the funniest act which was rewarded with 500$!
The task setters did a great job on Thursday with a 75km task first to the south, then going north with goal close to Beaudesert. Storms had been in the forecast, and even from take off we could clearly see the overdevelopment in the far south over the ranges.
Base was lower than the previous days, and without clouds it was important to stay with other pilots to find some thermals. Took a lot of patience that flight. I climb quite well, so it was a good day for me to catch up a little. I was stoked to finish 5th of the day, flying a lot with my team mate Rohan. Except for Peter, our whole team made goal! Everybody had a safe task, which was great! Jason Kath won the day, Jonny Durand is still in the overall lead with Blenky close up.

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