25 Oktober 2016

Canungra task 2: 85km around 2 tp

Results here. With a lower base, a slight head or cross wind and long glides between thermals, it was definitely harder to fly around the 85km. As there were almost no clouds, the big gaggle who took the second start gate caught up with the few guys in the front who had taken the first start.
I was with them until they shook me off between the two turnpoints. Very scenic flying at Mount Maroon though! I just took my time to find a thermal, got up, and was happy when I got to goal at Boonah airstrip. RT and Craig were already there, Nils and Pete landed just after me, so my whole team made goal! Our driver Allan was happy, and so were we :)
24 people made it, and Josh Woods won the day! Jonny is in the overall lead now.

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