01 März 2015

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony led us from the main square, the "zocalo" of Valle de Bravo, to a place close to the lake, accompanied by a school orchestra and the cheering of the whole village. After official speeches, some traditional dance groups were performing on stage. This year, the Aztec dancers were nor as scary as last year (no human sacrifice...), and Jörg was allowed to try one of their feather helmets on.
In the evening, we met for an organized dinner downtown, right after we had a team leader briefing for about two and a half hours - I had assisted Uli, our team leader, as he is doing this job for the first time.
Today there is a training task, but I prefer to rest, charge my instruments, and my own batteries too, because from tomorrow on, we will have at least 6 consecutive days of flying. About half of the field decided to rest today.

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