24 März 2015

Germanwings accident in French Alps

Just because the first people are calling me already - I am fine and not working (only on my gliders) today. I was shocked when I heard on the radio an hour ago that a Germanwings A320 on the way from Barcelona to Duesseldorf has crashed into the French alps between Barcelonnette and Digne (well known to all hang/para and glider pilots). 6 crew members and 144 passengers were on board and most probably nobody survived.
The sky was clear, the reason for the rapid descent of the plane is not known yet. As Germanwings is a Lufthansa owned company, often the media just reports of a Lufthansa plane having crashed, and people who know that I work also on this type of aircraft started worrying.
The passengers on board and also the crew were mainly German and Spanish. My deep condolences to family members and friends of the victims of this accident - unbelievable that something like this happened in Europe. It feels like loosing family to me, being very connected to aviation, cockpit and cabin crews throughout the company.

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