12 März 2015

Day 9: Cancelled, OD and rain

It was very inspirational when Fabio brought his beautiful hawk up to take off a few days ago. Most pilots adore birds, and it´s nice to see that they care also for birds with an injured wing. This guy can´t fly and hunt a lot, and he has been living with Fabio for quite a while. Adorable!

When we went up to take off today, lots of clouds were already developing around us, with a base much lower than expected. They were also going more vertical, "March Simpson hairstyle" like, and the concern of pilots was obvious - if we get stuck because we lack lift under the shade, and then it starts raining, on top of high altitude landings - where do we go to escape a possible gust front, and how do we pull of the increasing stall speeds? Gordon Rigg pulled Nils and me over to watch the development of the clouds for a while. It was dark into all the possible directions we could go, so when another task briefing was announced, we informed Karel and Manuel that the safety committee recommends to cancel the day, looking at the given conditions - it had already rained in Valle de Bravo.
Most pilots were relieved and packed up, only a few people decided to fly. On our drive back to Valle, it already started raining. Back in the house close to the lake landing, there were several more showers moving through.
Tomorrow looks like there might be some really strong wind in our area, but we will see what this lingering cold front decides to do tomorrow.

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