08 März 2015

Day 6 and rest day!

Our daily team report in German here.
Results here.
Another 110km yesterday took us to the far west and back to the east. The lift was good, but it also created a lot of shade in some parts, which again slowed the lift down. I started well and caught up with Roland, but only for one thermal- then I took the wrong turn off and fell behind. I didn´t give up and after an hour, I was back at base and met Jörg!
Together we flew the rest of the course and had a lot of fun in the air, real team work. Just for the last turnpoint in the south we could not get high enough to make it there and back to goal. I flew in as far as I could, then turned around. The ambulance was on a ground where a few guys had landed - turned out that Guy from Australia had had a hard impact on a dodgy landing field, but he will be fine to go on flying tomorrow thankfully.

Also Françoise had landed late and close to the turnpoint last year, and when it got dark, she was suddenly surrounded by armed guys who asked her quite aggressively what she was doing there in the dark... Not appealing. I went back to the goal field - and caught another lift! I had another 30 minutes left of taskable time, so I decided to just get as high as possible, and try to make the turnpoint again. This time I went higher up and had a better glide, but once I hit the sink and the headwind, I turned around for the safe and social landing field. Jörg did the same - and this was my first day of scoring for our team, together with Roland and Gerd. Even if only two points more than Jörg, it feels good to not have come here for nothing :) Manfred Ruhmer must feel the same relief - finally he won a task, by a huge margin to the second placed pilot! We are all motivated to catch up on points and we are thoroughly using our rest day today to improve our equipment, solve problems and soak up energy. For the last four days, we will hopefully have some easier runs! Please support us and keep your fingers crossed!

There are lots and lots of dogs around in our neighbourhood. They are cute by day, but really annoying at night time.  Early this morning, one of the bigger type just would not stop barking - until Roland got up and sent a sharp whistle out to the dog. That really shut him up for a few hours!!! Roland is not just the top ranking German pilot, but also a dog whisperer.
Tonight Brenda and I will cook a Thai Curry at Brenda´s beautiful place for a sun downer with the team, we just went shopping for fresh veggies.

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