08 März 2014

Pre Worlds Valle de Bravo Awards

Christian Ciech (IT) won the pre worlds by a great margin over Zac (US) and Antoine (FR). I was the 1st woman, just managed to sneak up into top spot on the last but one day, as Françoise did really well over here in the strong conditions.
We were presented with the "Tree of Life", very interesting trophies, looking a bit fragile.
It was a great meeting with loads of flights and kilometers, I think Valle has never seen more hang glider pilots in this spot before! Thanks to the organizers, specially Claudia and Miguel, for turning their vision of organizing the hang gliding worlds into reality - I know it is a huge amount of work behind the scenes!

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Unknown hat gesagt…

What a great storyteller you are corinna - thanks for sharing and most of all congrats on the win!