04 März 2014

Pre-Worlds Day 2&3: over 100km

Day 2 many pilots arrived at goal, while I had an interesting landing high up at San Simon de Guerrero. All good, but it wasn´t an easy place, high up in the mountains. I was warned for task 3, which also took us into the terrain that just doesn´t offer safe landing options at all.
When I faced the third turnpoint in tiger country yesterday, I got up really high and glided towards it, but as it was shaded by cirrus, I had to fly against a head wind, the terrain was rising and there were no landing fields in sight, I finally stopped the task for me, turned around and just flew to goal directly. Not many people there, maybe 10 who made the whole task, Gerd Dönhuber from our team amongst them. Jörg also flew to goal, but like me, without that dangerous turnpoint.
I hope the set a safer task for us today, would be more fun if the flying doesn´t depend on who has the strongest nerves.

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