07 März 2014

Pre-worlds Day 6: 125km around 3 turnpoints

Six consecutive days of flying, mostly over 100km which is quite far for the area and conditions - we have to land by 17.30 or earlier to be retrieved before sunset, like in Turkey. Francoise had to wait a while at a road, and sure enough some cops turned up and asked her (not in a friendly way) what she is doing on the side of the road in the dark. Lucky that they retrieve drivers picked her up soon after!
It was blue yesterday, and as I missed the start gaggle, I was too slow to finish the whole task in time before the end, so I cut off the last turnpoint and landed directly in goal at Piano.
I talked to Zippy about the task setting and he was open for changes. I very much liked the idea to fly over to the high flatlands south of Toluca, and when they announced goal at Rudy's father's airstrip, I was happy as. 125 km around 3 turnpoints, with a difficult crossing after about 45 km. Once we flew to the east, we reached clouds and got up to 4300m, just south of the volcano Nevado de Toluca.
After the 2nd waypoint, I entered the highway to goal - a beautiful cloud street formed right in front of me. Dolphin style flying for 30 km was the reward for all the hard work the days before! The safe height also allowed some sightseeing, cause the area looks spectacular, lots of big cliffs, rugged mountains and little towns.
About 40 pilots made goal today, with Zippy winning the task. We were greeted by the officials from the local town Cuatepec, and everybody got a big serve of fruit salad that was freshly prepared in front of our stunned eyes. What a treat! The Mexicans are really the most hospitable people I've ever mat!
I'm writing this as I'm driving home in Rudy's car. It takes 2,5 hours to get from goal back to Valle, as we have to go around the volcano. Unless you get lost like Jamie, then it can take 4 hours as well.
Tomorrow is the last day, looks like Christian Ciech is still in a comfortable lead over all. I was 2nd woman behind Francoise, but today I might have gone back into lead. Let's see what kind of day we get for the final.

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