05 März 2014

Pre-worlds task 4: 98km around 4 turnpoints

After an overcalled task yesterday, we had a shorter one today. Nice looking clouds paved the highway along the sky today, and despite stronger wind it was a very enjoyable flight across our competition area with goal at the Piano bombout. I got drilled at the „Elefante“ turnpoint and fell behind, trying to get back up. There must have been about 40 pilots in goal already when I finally arrived. My whole team got to goal today, first Gerd (he was 4th of the day!), then Achim and me and Jörg as well.

Paris Williams won the day, he is a legend and well known for racing fast on days where you can fly on your own and without a gaggle.
Task 2 was scored, as the complaint had been turned down.
Unfortunately I dropped my camera when I took off, I hope I can find it tomorrow on take off. Quite a few people saw that I lost something. So no new photos today!

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