24 November 2013

German XC-Cup

Today at the awards for having won the German XC Championships 2013 in women´s class. Markus Ebenfeld won flex class overall ahead of Wolfgang Aumer and Peter Waldmann. Newcomer Patrick Ruber won rigid class in his 2nd year after having changed from paraglider to rigid wing, big congrats to him! Lots of interesting lectures about weather with Volker Schwaniz, German flatlands xc flying with Armin Harich and more in the afternoon with Stefan Bocks about flying in Kirgistan.
The best German hang gliding, rigid wing and paragliding xc pilots are here today, also great to see them on the ground, usually we meet in the air ;)
Also congratulations to Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Team Red Bull Racing for having finished in grand style today in Sao Paulo, 1st and 2nd! What an epic season!

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