08 Dezember 2013

Rome and Prag

After a short trip to Bangalore, I "won" a tour through Europe. Five days through quite rough weather, with lots of delays and very stressed passengers.
I was happy when I caught a few rays of sunshine yesterday in the morning and went for an Italian breakfast: just a cappuccino. One cappuccino at the bar in a cute little bakery in Rome costs - 1€. Perfect start for the day.
Next stop was in Prague, home of Tomas Suchanek, one of the top hang glider pilots ever. Sure I texted him and hoped he is here, but he said he only returns next week from the Oman. He works as a pilot.
So I went downtown on my own, admiring the grand old buildings of this well preserved city. Karlsbridge is famous, and even in this cold, dark weather frequented by many tourists.

Time to go back to work now, my next stop will be Vienna, where I hope to visit some good old friends for breakfast tomorrow morning.

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