01 November 2013

The King´s Speech

Last night I had the privilege to see my friends Steffen Wink and his gorgeous wife Vevi on stage in "The King´s Speech" at Komödie im Bayerischen Hof. It was great acting, specially by Götz Otto (my hero since "007 - Tomorrow never dies") who gave an amazingly natural impression of the stuttering "Bertie" and Steffen as his logopedic trainer.
Also stunning Herbert Schäfer as Bertie´s wild brother and Helmut Markwort (well known in Germany as the publisher of the magazine "Focus") as King George and also as Churchill.
Very funny scene where "Elizabeth" kisses "Bertie" and Steffen lies just behind a box on the floor behind them, invisible for the audience. He said it is always very tempting to interfere and make that scene even a bit harder for the guys in the spotlight ;)

The next show will be tonight at 6pm, and tomorrow will be the last one of this season!

It was exciting to be able to join the after-show party where the ensemble celebrated with  head of the theatre organisation, Margrit Kempf, their brand new award "Inthega-Neuberin", kind of the German Oscar for stage plays!

Thanks to all the guys on stage and behind the scenes, you did a wonderful job!

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