03 November 2013

Abu Dhabi - the race is on!

Carpe diem - a real day of bohemian jet set. With the help of my Red Bull family I had the incredible chance to watch the F1 race in Abu Dhabi today. Right where the action was, thunder and earthquake and all!
I went on my own, but soon I caught up with good old friends from all over the world. Always special to meet Hannes Kinigadner and his family, we had a lot of fun on the circuit. The whole team of Red Bull Racing was as welcoming as ever, truely embracing us all.
It was a remarkable race of Sebastian, Mark and Nico, with Seb saying that it almost felt like his car was "flying" ;) Definitely some of his car´s profiles looked very flyable... I admired Adrian Newey for his new superb designs from the distance. I didn´t dare talking to him, I just smiled at him, thinking that this genius could surely defeat the  Reynold´s number on my little glider if I could just hang around for a while in the teams´ wind tunnel ;)
Big congratulations to Sebastian, Mark and Team Red Bull Racing for another Worlds title and winning the race with style today - you all deserve that and I wish you guys all the best for Texas and Sao Paulo!

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