20 August 2011

Slovenian Nationals

Today they got some extra "wings" on launch at the Slovenian Open! Primoz is in the lead of the comp and it looks like he could become Slovenian Champion. After having finished 3rd at the Cucco Worlds and having been 1st in the world ranking for quite a while now, he proves his great flying skills.
Tomorrow the French and British nationals will start in St. Andre, first time ever that these nationals have been combined. International friendship, I like this concept! Maybe we can combine the German and Swiss Nationals next year too (I just always fall for their wonderful Swiss German language...)
Meanwhile Davis is raving about the great conditions in Big Spring - about the wild life he is absolutely right! I love those funny prairy dogs and went to the airfield really early every morning just to watch those cute animals. Sure, when you are landing you have to watch out for their holes, but I think we never had the Big Spring airfield as a goal during the worlds, we always kept our drivers entertained ;) At the moment, Zippy is in the lead, followed by Davis and Glen Volk.

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