07 August 2011

Dutch Open next week

The next two comps happen in Tolmin - most guys will race from Laragne at the Belgian Open over to Slovenia. Carl Wallbank won the comp, Jochen Zeischka is old and new Belgian Champion after 6 racing days.
In Berlin, after only two tasks Jochen Zeyher won the rigid class, Konrad Lüders is new East German Champion and Bernd Otterpohl is the new North German Champion.
After the Dutch Open, also the Slovenians will organize their Nationals at the same scenic place in Tolmin with the famous Soca trout and a beautiful, icecold river next to the camp and landing site.
On the way back west, people could stop by at the Austrian Nationals at Diedamskopf and then continue down to St André for the British Nationals. Not exactly ecologically friendly organized this year... let´s hope the weather turns on again for the rest of the season, as we already see lots of rain and floods around the central alps.

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