18 August 2011

Pre-European Championships Kayseri

The pre-European Championships will be on from Sept. 4-10th in Kayseri, Turkey, and only 20 pilots have entered the competition so far! You can inscribe here! I wish I could fly there, but I have to join a rehab-training then ("and I said - yes, yes, yes...!"). Looks like it might get the best flying in the whole Euro season this year, with lots of sun and really high cloud base.
Im posting this to help the Turkish organizers who are really keen on promoting this spot for hang gliding. Hey, accomodation in appartements for FREE! Please register if you intend to go, so they have a rough count on participation.
The place is quite rural, so bring your Turkish-English dictionary (yes there is an Iphone-app!) ;) I bet people will be really curious and helpful, as this area knows paragliding but not so much hang gliding yet.

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