01 September 2011

Next: Pre-Euros in Kayseri

After Gary Wirdnam won the British Open, Luis Rizo became the new French Champion at St. André, Primoz Gricar won the Slovenian Open and Alexander Barvinskiy won the Russian Nationals in Askarov - with Julia Kucherenko becoming 2nd overall! - now a few guys are on their way to Turkey to compete at the pre Europeans. It is quite an ordeal for most pilots to get their equipment there, I guess that is why there are not many entries at all. Seems like they will be barely 20 pilots...
Flying into Istanbul with a glider is quite difficult, as there are not many airlines willing to take our luggage with them, and even if so, it gets hugely expensive. I just know from Lufthansa flights that the Airbus 320 operates flights to Turkey, and at the station from Frankfurt or Munich they don´t have much time to get complicated load into their belly.
So Primoz, Suan and Jochen took their own car and chose the long trip by car train from Villach to Turkey. Arriving after a few days, they will still have to drive 1000km in the country. Without local knowledge nor language it will be interesting to hear about their experiences on whether or not the road gps works in the Turkish countryside as well ;)

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