28 November 2010

DHV annual meeting in Leipzig

Yesterday I joined the annual meeting of the DHV. This year, it was quite unspectacular - unfortunately, as I had hoped for some good stories about the World Championships at Tegelberg. But as you all know, they drowned in rain and snow and did not take place, so the only topic briefly discussed was the monetary loss that we had with this competition. The DHV covered it by saving on costs in some other places.
A new head of the board of training was elected - Peter Cröniger is a pg and hg instructor and wants to push the concept of training by tandem flying with an instructor. He is also a Lufthansa Captain of the 747, but I only know Peter from my own training as a hang gliding instructor.
Today I was asked by the DHV to do a presentation about how to find and keep sponsorship. I did my best to help the pilots and I hope I could motivate a few to just go and try. It is a lot of work, but then it can be really rewarding too!
After the presentation, the winners of this years XC competition were honoured. Markus Ebenfeld is the new German Champion, I am the women´s German Champion and 12th overall, Tim is the junior Champion. And together with some other pilots of my club, DFC Achental, we came 2nd and 3rd in the club ranking and German Bundesliga. Most successful clubs were DFC Ruhpolding and DFC Südschwarzwald.
Now Im on my way to Sao Paulo on another work flight. Can´t wait to see the sun, even though I saw a prediction of rain for my free day in Brazil. Anything is better than the freezing cold dark days in Germany at the moment!

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Gijs Wanders hat gesagt…

Hi Corinna,

Congratulations winning the German women XC award! I saw your blog on sponsorship and got really curious. I was selected to the Dutch team for 2011 and wonder if it could help us to get better.

We met briefly about a year ago. Hadewych introduced us. I think it was in Mount Beauty. Or was it in Forbes? If you want to see my face to see if you remember me: check out www.zeilvliegen.nl and in the right column you find "kernploeg 2011" with my name below.

Anyway, I would like to see a bit more of your presentation. Did you do a powerpoint presentation? Then I would be delighted to get a copy. I presume it's in German, that's no problem. Hope to hear from you.

See you,
Gijs Wanders

Christian hat gesagt…

So Corinna, did you could spend at least some time at the Christmas market in Leipzig? I forgot to inform the audience at the beginning, that there is a perfect place for a souvenir near "Alte Handelsbörse".

Hand painted pictures of the places to be like "Nikolaikirche", "Neues Rathaus", "Gewandhaus" and so on. Anyway, I was proud you joined "our" DHV meeting in Leipzig. Looking forward to see you again.

All the best to you and have a nice run up to Christmas.