19 November 2010

Sebastian Superhero!

Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel for winning the F1 World Champion Title! Since I met Sebastian a year ago in Sao Paulo, I kept watching the F1 races and kept my fingers crossed for him! It was a tough season with him being either in 1st place on the podium, or with a broken down motor not in goal... he managed to keep suspense up until the very last race in Abu Dhabi last Sunday.
Four guys had been close enough to win the title, and Sebastian started with quite a lot of points behind the leading guy, Alonso. Keep up the dream, stay calm and go for it! I thought and hoped and kept my fingers crossed for this young guy who is so amazingly down to earth.
I saw the start of the race while I was in Saigon airport at the gate, but then I had to go on board of our 747 for working on the shuttle flight back to Bangkok. When our co-pilot made the announcement during our flight that Sebastian Vettel just won the world championship, I screamed with joy and excitement - he let the dream come true, against all odds he won the race, while Alonso, Webber and Hamilton fell back! I adore this "never give up" - spirit, it is so inspiring, so energizing!
The week before, Team Red Bull Racing already won the World Constructors´Championship title, and I was sad that I could not party with the crew in Hangar 7 on Monday, as I was still on work in Asia. But Im sure I will be able to go and see them racing again next season. And definitely the finals in Sao Paulo!
It is interesting to see the side effects of Sebastian winning such a big title - suddenly I also get a lot of interviews with German high profile magazines and newspapers, because they want to find out more about "Red Bull" as a company in extreme sport sponsoring. Who are they? Who are we? Why are they so successful? You can read one story next Monday in "Spiegel" magazine.

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