18 November 2010

Fit for Fun

Im flying around the world a lot at the moment, to destinations Ive rarely been to like Singapore and Bangkok, so it is difficult to find some time to update my blog. Just wanted to let you know that if you live in Germany, have a look into the sports magazine "Fit for Fun". In the current edition you will find some great photos from the Dolomites and a really good article - five pages long, I hope we will see more hang gliding students soon!
Regina and Alex Ploner helped me big time to organize this very short trip. We only had one day to get everything, and apparently the editors liked the photos so much that they decided to give the article more space than planned ;)
On the flight to Bangkok last weekend, the sky above the Himalaya was really clear and we could see all the high beautiful mountains. Breathtaking! Some cu´s were above what I think could have been Nanga Parbat, base must have been at 9000 m at least... so difficult to imagine walking up Makalu, K2 or the other high peaks, but flying along the "roof of the world" would be incredible.

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Desiree van der Leeden hat gesagt…

Really nice article! Good for our sport!