03 November 2010


It is amazing how many places you can visit in just one week. A bit of a race, and I was happy to have a short rest of one complete day in the heat of Singapore. And you have no idea how energizing it is to drink a Red Bull for breakfast if you are in the wrong timezone! Otherwise I wouldn´t have been able to get up until the afternoon, as we were 6 hours ahead of German time.
In the Indian quarter of Singapore, it looked like they have Diwali coming up soon? All nicely decorated. And the best vegetarian food in the city!
Just one more month of full on work-flying, then I will be back to my part-time contract, more time and hopefully a trip to Oz and NZ in January... I envy you guys down under and in Florida, our Euro flying season is over, storm is on, snow not too far away. Maybe I am a goose, as I feel the urge to migrate south whenever it gets cold and dark up here.

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