09 Februar 2010

Munich: ISPO and Red Bull Athlete´s dinner

Another big day for me today. Most my sponsors are at the biggest sports exhibition of Europe, the Ispo in Munich. Regina and I went around to see them, trying various new gadgets on the way to the different locations. Always a good place to see innovations, but also to meet old friends.
In the evening, Red Bull invited their sponsored athletes for dinner - a fantastic occasion to meet extreme artists of various sports. Snowboarding, mountain biking, free skiing, skateboarding, marathon running, motorbike racing, and even one of Germany´s best soccer players is part of the colourful Red Bull family. Luckily he didnt mind that I support Werder Bremen as I am from Bremen... too bad that Werder can´t afford a player like Mario Gomez, he is a great guy. Makes me very happy to see that somebody who has everything - big success, money, youth, breathtaking looks, most beautiful girlfriend you can imagine, respect of other players - is still so down to earth, so much fun to talk to and so interested in other sports too. He said that Guido offered to take him flying, and I reassured Mario that he can´t find a more talented, enthusiastic and trustworthy pilot than Guido. I hope I can work on the flight to Johannesburg when the national team flies down to the worlds, would be fun to be running for the guys who usually have to do the running ;)
Ah yes, this day nearly had 24 hours now, no time to celebrate jet lag.

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Fritze hat gesagt…

Hi Corinna,

Du machst eine super Werbung für den Drachenflugsport (events, blog, Wettbewerbe).
Der DHV berichtet auch regelmäßig.
Frage ist nur:
Die, die auch Drachenfliegen möchten auch zu denen zusammenbringen, die Drachenfliegen lehren möchten.

Gruß Fritze