02 Februar 2010

Castle Kaltenberg: How the Prince won our hearts

Today our national team was invited by the honorary patron of the World Hang Gliding Championship 2010 at Tegelberg, Prince Luitpold of Bavaria. He is a direct descendant of the last king of Bavaria, Ludwig III. Regina and Ute picked me up in Munich and together we drove to Geltendorf, about 40 minutes west of Munich. At 10 o clock we met Monique and Benno at the castle Kaltenberg, home of the royal family and also the king Ludwig castle brewery. We were a little nervous, as none of us has ever met a real Prince.
Prince Luitpold broke the ice straight away - he told us he still has an ancient hangglider in the garage that he had bought in 1973! He flew it successfully and even went for skiing take offs. He said it appealed a lot to him that there were no rules but total freedom, you just got the glider and tried. We were stunned and in awe, the Prince had conquered our hearts within seconds. We are all very happy that the pilots who compete at the Tegelberg worlds will be able to meet this charismatic man, our great honorary patron, who´s ancestor has built the wonderful castle Neuschwanstein.

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