19 Februar 2010

6:1 vote for teamsize of 6!

We just discussed the issue of team size for the women´s world championships at the CIVL meeting in Lausanne (CH) in the hanggliding working group, and Im very happy that the vote of 6:1 showed a great support for our idea of having a team size of 6 women at the worlds and the top 2 women of every day scoring for the team score. That way it is fair for countries who only send a minimum number of competitors to the worlds, but it also encourages all the nations to promote the sport for women to enlarge their teams! Now our proposal will go into the plenary meeting to have them vote on this topic, make a final decision and then we can apply it for the worlds at Tegelberg!
Thanks to all the women and team leaders world wide who got back to let us know that they support the team size of 6 (as it used to be before the worlds at Monte Cucco) - your overwhelming positive reaction helped us to show the CIVL/FAI the need to adjust the rules.

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