06 Februar 2010

Back in summer: Caracas, Timezone UTC -4.30

So nice to be back in a warm climate, even if only for 22 hours! The work trip to Caracas meant a lot of running up and down the A340-600, but it is very rewarding to be in this "pais rico". Makes me think of my south american hanggliding friends - I really hope I will meet a lot of them at Monte Cucco at the preworlds in Italy this summer.
I went swimming this morning and had the whole big pool on my own, great training for the flying muscles. The beaches are packed today, as the families are out on Saturday. It is humid and about 30 degrees, not much wind yet, but the clouds definitely too low for much flying action. Thermals were looking nice though, watching the fregate birds circling up together I was a bit jealous ;)
They have new currency here, the new Bolivares have less "000" on them. I guess my old ones are still worth some few cents ;) And President Chavez also changed the timezone - it used to be UTC - 5 hours last time I was here, but to not run on the same time as the east of the USA, he had it changed to - 4.30.
Now I better iron my uniform and prepare for the flight back, back to winter, boots ´n´coat ´n´all.

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