20 August 2021

Monte Cucco competition - training for the Europeans!

Comp page and results here! 

Since Tuesday Flavio Tebaldi and his great team organize the Piero Alberini international competition at Monte Cucco in Umbria, Italy. 

I decided to go, because my great friend Rebi agreed to come with me to drive and help. Having my own driver is a luxury I usually don´t have, but in covid times is for me the only way to feel safe, cause I need to go home and keep taking care of my parents after this week off duties. 

The first day we experienced really stong northerly winds, so we went to the Cucco North take off. In the air I was with the leading group until the furthest turnpoint, then facing a lot of headwind turning around towards goal. The guys punched the headwind and went along the valley, I desperately tried on the ridge and eventually landed after about 3/4 of the course. Would have been nice to make goal, but I had a great flight and excellent landing, and even the shade of trees for packing up, and I barely finished when Rebi turned up. 

We rewarded ourself with great pizzas and a swim in the pool. Lifesavers! While it´s pouring rain at home in Germany, it´s stinking hot in central Italy!

Marco Laurenzi won the day, and Roland Wöhrle finished on a fast 7th place as top German pilot.

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