23 August 2021

Cucco Task 2: 73km around 4 turnpoints

On day three, we went to the Cucco North take off again. The wind had slightly dropped, so a task of 73km to the southeast was set. 

Again I was stoked to fly to the furthest point with the lead gaggle, but turning around and going back headwind, they shook me off in no time. I tried to fly the clouds in the flatlands and eventually got some good lift to cloudbase, but while the height was enough for Fabien to go around the last turnpoint and into goal, I had to find another thermal, cause the headwind just killed my glide. Those are the moments when I wish there was a "light weight and small glider bonus" - Sasha can probably write a book about it by now. 

Anyway, I finished 15th of the day and was so happy that Flavio took this great photo of my landing at goal. Also, our whole German team made goal that day, with Roland of course being the top pilot and scoring an amazing 3rd of the day, then me, Jörg and Jürgen. Filippo won, with Marco second.

Results of task 2 here!


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