13 Dezember 2014

Rio Superfinal 2nd round

 Slowly Zac and I understand the rules - something new comes up every day :) so in fact we are not "out" yet, but there will be a round of the top 16 tomorrow, 8 heats with direct qualification. I have lost points because of time today (I got carried away flying with the Urubus, those cool vultures who look really relaxed in the air when they let their legs hang down), at least I got a good score for my landing.
I guess because of the bad weather forecast, first they said it is a direct in or out with the first round, but it seems to have changed today.
Anyway, tomorrow I will fly against Zac - a little more challenging every day! Might be our last flight too, as Sunday still looks pretty grim.
We went around four turnpoints today, all very close distance and very close flying with the other guys. It is also fun that the paragliding guys have their competition in the same place as us, there are some groovy new designs around, good for me to catch up.
So far, Chico Santos has done an amazing job organizing pilots, instructors, tandem pilots and regular pilots for all these events within just one week. I wonder if he ever sleeps??? As the head of the Brasilian association ABVL, he is doing a great job to improve safety, get people together, get positive media response and organize two competitions with high profile pilots - it´s great to see this huge amount of idealism and passion for our flying sport and the people connected to it!

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