10 Dezember 2014

Getting ready to fly!

It´s great to be back in summer and meet the cool Rio crew again. Chico organized a big competition, in his well know professional manner, with a big stage and sponsor´s wall, for interviews and announcements for the spectators.
I´m happy that for once I have my own little Moyes RX here with me to fly, it will be fun! Weather forecast looks a bit doubtful for Saturday and Sunday, so we just need to fly a lot before that. Apparently Christian Ciech will be coming over as well, and the top Brazilian pilots will compete in this exciting event. It´s very local, but great for the audience and a good training for us pilots. It will be mixed with paragliding as well, I already met Bruce Goldsmith yesterday.
So off to Sao Conrado now, up in the air soon!

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