14 Dezember 2014

Here comes the rain again...

Overall results here.
While the paragliders already started into their quarter finals, we set up our gliders and were optimistic that we would fly soon too, despite quite an obvious northerly (tailwind) breeze. After the first couple of the paragliding group started into their match race, they stopped and cancelled their day, because rain was approaching.
The usual discussions started on the hang gliding take off now - some pilots really wanted to launch quickly after the task was set, but the shade of a large and fast growing cloud spit some cold air down on us, so I told the organizers that for safety reasons I will not fly now, and congratulated Zippy as he would have won. Before the first pilot could take off, the rain started, got heavy and turned into a full storm. Soon after that, also our day was cancelled. We packed our wet gliders and drove down, as the tail wind was so strong now that it didn´t even make sense to wait for a short window without rain.
The forecast for tomorrow is not promising, which means that looking at the points, Geraldo Nobre won, followed by David Brito (who beat me yesterday) and Betinho.
If we don´t fly another round tomorrow, it will be scored just by the points that everybody got.


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