13 November 2014

One last flight in summer: "Palmy" Palm Beach!

After I didn´t manage to fly yesterday and the prediction for today was really good, I decided to stay a day longer. Olli picked me up and took me to Ian Duncan´s shop where all the Moyes carbon parts are manufactured. It was great catching up with Ian, meanwhile Rohan managed to get hold of Mick who took us up to the Palm Beach take off. Only if you are invited and instructed by a club member, you are eligible to launch here, because it is just in somebody´s back yard, and any problems would close down the site immediately.
Alan Taylor, the local pilot, looked after Olli and me. I was glad that I had them on my side wires, because take off wasn´t easy. With them leading my wing out, it was very smooth though. Once off the cliff, the air felt silky smooth. A flight meditation! I enjoyed the beautiful views of Palm Beach and Pittwater just behind it. Together with Olli I cruised along some other take offs further south, and after a wonderful, uplifting 3 hours in the air, we landed on Narrabeen beach with a happy smile in our face. What a day!
We had barely started packing up when Mick already pulled in to pick us up and take us back to the car! How lucky can we get? Big thanks to the wonderful guys who looked after us so well, generously sharing their private flying site with us and just making our day!
After dropping the gliders at the Moyes factory and saying good-bye to Vicki, Im now finally on my way home to winter, already dreaming of the next time in Australia.

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