03 November 2014

I love Sydney!

I had great company when I landed on the last day of the Canungra Classic close to Rathdowney. From the air I saw beautiful horses in some paddocks and managed to land on a field away from them so I wouldn´t scare them. When the farmer came over, I was a bit nervous about his reaction, but he, his two daughters and his son were just the loveliest people you can imagine. I was lucky again! And my team found me and helped me pack up in the strong northerly that was shooting through with up to 40km/h.
Back at HQ, we celebrated the awards, had dinner and a great party. I was sad to leave, but also happy to briefly stop over in Sydney before heading out to New Zealand today. I love Sydney, it always felt like home, and does even more if you have fantastic friends who host you in the most beautiful spot Ive ever seen in the city!

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