12 November 2014

Cruisy Sydney day

Before 6am, I started driving over to Bronte to meet Bill Moyes for a swim and a coffee. I had a groovy little car for the trip, the first time ever in Australia that I didn´t confuse wiper and indicator, because it was a German car. Unfortunately there was a lot of traffic on the road, so I could not drive the car at the speed it deserves ;) still I had a fat grin in my face, as it was just big fun to cruise up and see Bill´s smile after he looked twice into the car.
I also caught Olli for breakfast and then went over to the Moyes factory. They are still in Botany, but will soon move further south, closer to Stanwell. Everything is already in boxes. It was great catching up with Vicki, Jenny and Matt, then go on to Red Bull headquarter to organize some trays for my good bye party.
Next stop was in Oxford St where I met hat designer Maya Neumann. I love her hats made from waterlilly root, very durable and flexible. It was great catching up with her and get a new hat for my next flying adventures!

The original plan had been flying at Palm Beach, but the wind didn´t work out, and it also started raining. Who cares, Olli and Rohan flew the Malibus anyway at Newport.
We cooked some dinner at Rohan´s place, it was great to spend some time with him and Olli before going home to the other hemisphere!
Im still stoked about the wildlife in the garden - the water dragons are nice, but yesterday I also saw a blue tongue lizard! This morning a flock of about 20 cockatoos came around to say good-bye to me, also two kookaburras stopped by :)
Meanwhile the towing competition in Wellington (there is one in Australia too!) had another task yesterday.
Lots of greetings from the warmer side of the world - wish I could make it back for Forbes!

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