30 Oktober 2014

Day 6: 90km around 2 tp, goal Boonah airstrip

Just a quick write-up as I need to go to the next briefing soon. We had less wind than the day before, so we went up really early to Beechmont take off, Jonny Durand´s home. It is not much height difference, and in conditions like yesterday, it is easy to bomb out, so I was really happy that I could launch into a nice thermal and get up above the hill straight away.
With some of the best pilots I took the 3rd startgate at 12, coming from a great, strong thermal. It went up to about 2000m yesterday, so it was a mere luxury to sail over the beautiful hills and valleys. The most scenic part was when we glided along Mount Barney - huge cliff faces, lush rain forest, a lake, a huge flock of parrots starting into the air, it was just unreal! But we had to concentrate, the last leg wasn´t easy and grounded quite a few of the top ranking guys.
I was lucky and caught a nice, last thermal that took me safely into goal. Over the airfield of course, like always, it was impossible to get down. I wish I could have sent all that lift to my team mate Rohan, as he had to land only 2km short of goal. Nils luckily made it in. We were about 11 in goal, with Blinky winning the day.

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