18 Oktober 2014

A wedding and Seattle

Before going on the big trip to Australia, just a few photos of the last 10 days. I had been invited to Jasmine´s and Benjamin´s wedding, which was really fun. In order to have time, I had to do a work flight early the next morning though. And that took me to beautiful Seattle!
It´s simply a myth that it always rains in Seattle ;) This is the second time Ive been there, and again, beautiful blue sky, sunny and pleasant.
First of all, I went to visit Chief Seattle, the wise Native American who the city is named after. His speaches are legendary and worth reading.
At the Burke museum, they have a great collection of local Native American history and art, but also a really groovy cafe. It´s on university premises, so you meet a lot of studends there.
On the flight out, we paid tribute to beautiful Mt Rainier (I still can´t pronounce that one right, sorry Belinda!), saw the city and Puget Sound from high  above - and just enjoyed awsome mountain views!
More once Im in Down Under, where Jonny Durand is already out in record flight mode :)))

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