27 Oktober 2014

Day 3: 70 km around 1 tp

Another day in paradise. Stinking hot paradise - we had 40C today, and I was melting... is this Forbes or what??? How could I be so stupid and forget me e-cooline gear that has saved me on the hot paddock when we had the worlds?
It was a lot of hang-waiting on launch after the alternate window guys got off. Nils was first in the air, and he soared around, barely 100m above take off, for about two hours before the inversion finally broke and the rest on the hill got moving.
Of course we hit a strong cross-headwind again, like on any other Tambo day. It was going slow and low in the blue again. Only towards the first turnpoint Palen Creek I saw some clouds, but those were too big for my taste, some of them with thunder and lightening, so I decided to land. A little bit of rain cooled me down :)
Guy Hubbard flew furthest and won the day, as nobody made goal in Rathdowney due to the shaded area. Blinky is in first place now, closely followed by Adam Stevens and John Smith (NZ), you find the results here!
Looks like we will go to Beechmont take off for a few days now, as a trough moved through and hopefully brings us fresh, more active air!

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