29 Mai 2014

Hessenmeisterschaft Day 1: 67km

Today´s results here!
As there was no flying and an early awards ceremony yesterday, I decided to put a new sail on my Moyes RX3. With Nils´ help, the sail went on pretty quickly, but then all the stickers had to go on as well... I finished in the evening.
This morning we went up to launch early for the first task of Hessenmeisterschaft. Rain was possible according to the forecast, so we went early into a short 67km task around 4 turnpoints. I really enjoyed the new, crispy sail - very smooth handling, and flying fast with full VG, the sail is just beautiful! I smoked in with only Stefan Boller shortly ahead of me and Achim crossing the line at the same time, as far as I can tell at the moment, as I haven´t seen results yet ;) Exciting to have a great machine for the upcoming world championships in Annecy!
Looks like we might get another 3 tasks in, as the weather forecast has improved quite a bit!

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